Performance & evaluation. Your company’s engine. Indispensable for a profitable operational management. Producing competences and profiles, defining goals etc. Piece of cake for Core Performance.

Performance is available in English, French and Dutch as a standard. In case of customised work, extra/other languages are always possible.

Every performance is unique

Every customer is unique. We cannot say it enough. Our software is too. The basic package is identical, standardised and up-to-date. The set-up, configuration and specific adjustments are always up to you. In close collaboration with our experts, for the best result.

Every employee picks a role and decides what he/she does and for whom:

✓ HR executives: managing organisational picture & functions
✓ Coach: access to performance plan + linking it up with goals
✓ Employee: registering and following up on self-evaluation

What’s in it for me?

Core Performance perfectly complements your own HRIS and applications and acts as the perfect back office:

• managing the evaluation process to the maximum
• registering and making preparations
• reducing administrative actions
• communicating a thousand times quicker and more efficient
• reusing templates and processes
• efficient reporting

Of course numerous intermediary roles are possible. Creating evaluation sessions (with competence dialogue), follow-up, participant management, access to data, reporting and analysing. That is how simple performance can be.

Already convinced? Of course. Request a free demo and test it yourself.

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Front-end & back-end as one

Line managers and employees feel in honour bound to offer a strong focus on an optimal user experience. For the central user (and line manager), the priorities are knowledge and access (data and competences), maintaining communication, insights and collaborations.