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Offering high-quality solutions every day in order to realise HR objectives. That is our core. That is what we live for. That is HR-Technologies. Commercial, industrial, social or public sector? No problem. Small-scale or big-scale? Be our guest. End-to-end, full-service and state-of-the-art? Standard.

With our recruitment software we provide end-to-end recruitment & selection. Click. Select. Integrate. Our recruitment software is called ‘EasyToRecruit’ (E2R). And it really lives up to its name. It is extremely user-friendly and gets the most out of your processes.

Our training software supplies full-service training & development solutions. Support. Manage. Report. Indispensable in a modern company culture. Define your goals and analyse the effectiveness. Easier said than done? Not with our software. It just does it. Without hesitating.

Last but not least: our performance software provides state-of-the-art performance and evaluation applications. Control. Accelerate. Evaluate. Your company’s engine. Indispensable for a profitable operational management. Producing competences and profiles, defining goals etc. Piece of cake for Core Performance.


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